3-in-1 Magnetic Sweeper 48" with Release | Mount, Hang or Tow | Forklift & Vehicle

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This Magnetic tool sweeps, collects and removes large amounts of metallic debris. It has 48-inch-wide coverage and 3 different attachment methods to accommodate a range of environments, workplaces and surfaces.

This Magnetic Sweeper is the ultimate metal collection tool that removes dangerous metallic waste, including sharp ferrous fragments from floors, roadways and common areas while simultaneously reducing the likelihood of personal injury that often occurs during the disposal of these items. The innovative design of this product means the sweeper is adaptable to a range of vehicles and can perform with great efficiency in various environments. This quality magnetic product comes equipped with a rigid towing bar, adjustable chains for suspending the sweeper from a range of vehicles and brackets that allow it to be fitted to a forklift. Once the sweeper has collected the dangerous and damaging metal materials they can be disposed of safely using the top mounted quick-release lever. The released metal waste can then be deposited into bins for storage, recovery or recycling. Many cost benefits are seen in the reduction of expensive and time-wasting vehicle punctures, recovery of waste and the avoidance of injury to workers. ed.

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