3-in-1 Magnetic Sweeper 60" with Release | Mount, Hang or Tow | Forklift & Vehicle

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This Magnetic sweeping apparatus has a 152cm wide coverage between the two rubber tyres. It can be suspended with chains, attach to a forklift tine or be towed by a vehicle. Collected metal waste can be safely disposed of with the hands-free release bar.

This highly efficient metal collection device combines powerful Neodymium magnets with a purpose-built mechanical apparatus to make an extremely practical and cost-effective metal clearing tool. It has multiple means of vehicle attachment and a hand-operated release handle that eliminates physical contact with sharp metallic waste materials. The magnetic sweeper can be hung from a vehicle with chains, attach to forklift tines with brackets or be pulled behind a moving vehicle using the towing arm. Clearing large areas of hazardous metal debris such as screws, nails, wire and other ferrous material that can damage machinery and vehicle tyres can be easily and quickly performed with this magnetic metal collection tool. No physical contact needs to occur between the metal debris and the operator. This helps to make metal cut injuries and tyre failure incidents a rare occurrence and helps make the workplace safer and far more efficient.

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