3-in-1 Magnetic Sweeper 72" with Release | Mount, Hang or Tow | Forklift & Vehicle

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Two wheeled Magnetic Sweeper with 182 cm wide pick-up area. Multiple attachment methods to suit different environments and vehicles. Convenient pull-up handle disengages the magnet and releases the captured metal waste safely.

This labour-saving magnetically powered sweeping device safely cleans large outdoor and indoor areas of metal waste materials that are often an unwanted and unsafe byproduct of a busy workplace or industrial site. Scrap metal waste is often sharp and can be dangerous and costly to your business and cause harm to employees. The Magnetic Sweeper has multiple attachment options that allow it to be fitted to a wide range of vehicles. Attaching the sweeper to a vehicle results in the operator being able to remain in the safe environment of the vehicle instead risking injury by attempting to clean up debris on foot. Waste can be remotely removed and disposed of by using the clever quick release handle which also protects the operator from injury. This Magnetic Sweeper tool is ideal for removing hazardous metal found in large work areas or public outdoor spaces in a safe and efficient manner that both protects staff while averting costly downtime for vehicles. Frenergy Magnetic Sweeper tools contain powerful permanent magnets and operate independently of electric power so no batteries or wiring is required.

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