AlNiCo Cylinder Cow Magnet 75mm x 12.5mm

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AlNiCo Cylinder Cow Magnet 75mm x 12.5mm


Qty: 1 piece

Type: AlNiCo

Rate: AlNiCo 5

Diameter: 12.5mm

Height: 75mm

Quick info from Wikipedia:

A cow magnet is a preventive veterinary medical device for cattle.

Cow magnets can protect valuable livestock from internal injury that can occur from metal fragments contaminating their feed-lot or paddock or that sometimes finds its way into their fodder. As herds of cattle graze, they are not able to detect and discard materials that are metallic and that sometimes is accidentally ingested. This metallic material can include wire, nails, nuts, bolts and even spent ammunition shells. These metal items can damage internal organs and cause fatal injuries to the heart of a beast if not intercepted.

Cow magnets are deposited into the stomach of the animal, usually by a veterinarian, and remain there permanently to retain and collect metal waste and prevent it piercing soft tissue around the animal’s stomach, which in turn can lead to inflammation, infection and overall poor health and condition. Cow magnets are used widely in the Dairy industry where they are used to maintain the health of cows so they can produce larger quantities of milk and lead longer, happier and more productive lives. Magnets used to protect your income-producing herd are proven to reduce the incidence of accidental or early death and prolong the health and wellbeing of your valuable livestock assets. 

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Holding Force (kg) 0.0000
Surface Gauss (gauss) 0.0000
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