Alnico Horseshoe Magnet - 75mm x 38mm x 9mm

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Alnico Horseshoe Magnets - 75mm x 38mm x 9mm

Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This alnico Horseshoe Magnet has a height of 75mm, a width of 38mm, and a depth of 9mm. It has a maximum temperature of 500⁰. 

Uses for our Alnico Horseshoe Magnets:

  • Engaged in centers of learning across the educational spectrum, across the world, alnico horseshoe magnets are often the first magnet most of us see in the classroom and certainly the first to enter into the popular imagination.
  • Possessing the ability to push or pull objects from a distance via an invisible force defies a simple explanation. 
  • Watching ordered, sophisticated and complex patterns of iron particles configure and reconfigure in perfect synchronicity under the spell of a ruling horseshoe magnet must seem like power from another realm.
  • Young minds are capable of being delighted, surprised in a joyous manner. 
  • Our horseshoe magnets are very popular with schools and science departments and are used to demonstrate magnetic fields and properties.
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