Crafts & Jewellery

Artistic, creative and innovative individuals are always looking for a way to make their concepts and designs stand out from the crowd. Magnetic products help them do this in an effective and inexpensive way.
Magnetic buttons and magnetic clasps are often used by fashion designers, jewellery makers and model artists. Fashion designers use magnetic pairs sewn-into clothing and the opposing poles attract together to form a closure point for garments. Magnetic clasps and magnet beads are used by jewellery makers in making both standard jewellery and therapeutic magnetic jewelry. Many people believe in the health benefits of magnets and magnet therapy’s ability to achieve pain relief. Magnetic bracelets and other jewellery making have become popular magnet crafts for adults. It is important to consider this heavy duty magnets in terms of strength and may not be the types of magnets for kids.

These neodymium magnets are extremely strong magnets that don’t lose their magnetism and maintain their magnetic force. They are perfect for diy projects and hobby craft magnets utilise all shapes and sizes, from bar magnets to fridge magnets. In the world of crafts and hobbies, magnets have endless applications and are suited to all manor of DIY magnetic projects. We are often contacted by people looking for glass magnets or a heavy duty magnet mount solution strong enough to reliably hold glass so it is safe, sturdy, permanent and simple to apply.

Small Neodymium discs or flexible magnetic tape can solve many of the attachment or storage issues they encounter. Pieces of flexible sheeting with adhesive on one side can attach to almost any lightweight object and make it attachable to metallic surfaces. These so-called magnetic patches are perfect for hobbies or small, home-based industries and are so inexpensive they are often sold in packs of one thousand pieces.

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