Stainless Steel Internal 1/4" UNF Thread Pot Magnet D30x25mm | Pull Force 30KG

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Female Thread Neodymium Pot | Stainless Steel Coating | 30mm x 25mm

Magnetic Product Description:

  • This Rare Earth Female Threaded Pot Magnet has a diameter of 30mm, a total height of 25mm, and an M6 female thread.
  • This pot magnet has a pull force of 30kg. 

Uses for our Female Thread Neodymium Pots with Stainless Steel Coating:

  • The anti-corrosive properties of the stainless steel coating further increase the versatility of this powerful Neodymium Holding magnet.
  • Stainless steel, unlike most metallic materials, does not oxidize and rust, so for outdoor applications or where the magnet is affected by the weather, moisture or corrosive elements, this style of magnet is ideal.
  • Stainless steel is made from chromium-based alloys which are also non-magnetic, so this magnet is a highly effective holding device with the magnetic field at the base being North in orientation.
  • The threaded hole in the casing can accommodate a hook or eyelet attachment which, when fitted, makes this Pot magnet one of the most practical magnets available.
  • Stainless steel surfaces do not promote the development of bacteria and are not easily corroded or contaminated.
  • This helps to satisfy hygiene and health and safety requirements that are commonly enforced in food preparation and medical environments or anywhere sterilization is extremely important.
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Holding Force (kg) 30
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