Halbach Array Magnets 150mm x 7mm k=2 (disassembled)

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The Halbach Array is a unique arrangement of magnets, where the magnets are placed in a continuous rotating pattern of alternating orientation. Each adjacent magnet is rotated in an alternating pattern of magnetic alignment. This special arrangement augments the magnetic field of the primary face or ‘working face’ whist essentially reducing the magnetic field of the reverse side to almost zero. In effect, the magnetic field of the reverse side is redirected to the front face or working face of the Halbach Array. This can be extremely beneficial in some applications where implications of stray field are of concern. This is distinctly different to the magnetic field of a single magnet where the field is equal on both sides. Remarkably, the Halbach Array is uniquely capable of producing a superior pull force to that of another single magnet of the same size. One of the most common applications for the Halbach Array is the humble refrigerator. However these magnets are commonly used in manufacturing across a range of industries including high speed railways, brushless motors and voice coils. They also have exciting uses in more niche scientific applications such as wiggler magnets and their highly technical applications. John c Mallinson was the first to discover the unusual effect of this arrangement of magnets in 1973. However it is named for the Physicist Klaus Halbach who independently discovered this magnetic configuration in the 1980s through his research into particle accelerator beams.

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