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Industrial Strength 100kg+

Frenergy Magnets, one of Australia's most popular magnet suppliers, stock the highest quality permanent magnetic lifters which require no electricity. Making our lifter magnets portable and versatile - simply use the lever to turn the magnetic field on or off.


Our permanent Magnetic Lifters contain Rare Earth magnets which are significantly more powerful than Ferrite magnets and can be used in a variety of different industries, such as transportation, steel plate lifting, engine parts, as well as semi-manufactured goods and moulds.


Some of our Magnetic Lifter models have a curve or V-shaped bottom which enables them to be used on a curved surface, like a circular pipe with a ferrous surface.


Our industrial Magnetic Lifters range in lifting capacity, from 100kg up to 2000kg. With their powerful magnetic properties, our Magnetic Lifters are much smaller in size compared to similar products with the same lifting capacity. Frenergy Magnets also manufactures custom industrial permanent Magnetic Lifters - simply email us with your product requirements for a quote.


You are welcome to visit our warehouse in Eagle Farm, Brisbane for further information about our products. Get in touch with us to arrange a time.

Magnetic Lifter - 500kg

Pull: 500.0kg|Gauss:

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Magnetic Lifter - 300kg

Pull: 300.0kg|Gauss:

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Magnetic Lifter - 600kg

Pull: 600.0kg|Gauss:

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Magnetic Lifter - 1000kg Chromed Handle

Pull: 1,000.0kg|Gauss:

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Magnetic Lifter - 2000kg

Pull: 2,000.0kg|Gauss:

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