Magnafix Magnetic Tape Roll 30M x 12.5mm x 1.6mm | Tesa 4965 Adhesive | Part A

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Magnafix - 12.5mm x 1.6 mm - 30m Roll w/Tesa 4965 Adhesive | PART A

Magnetic Product Description:

This magnetic adhesive tape has a width of 12.5mm and a thickness of 1.6mm. It comes in a 30metres length roll. This tape magnet has a Tesa 4965 adhesive on one side.This product is not recommended for use with large sheets of perspex thicker than 6mm.

Uses for our magnetic adhesive tape:

Companies servicing the point of sale market for the communication and marketing of products and services furiously agree that ‘variations’ must be managed. In the business world, clients changing their minds have caused more hair loss for managers than tax audits and staff meetings combined.

Enter strong, flexible, self-adhesive magnetic tape, in this case, 12.5mm in width, 1.6mm thick and available in economical 30-metre rolls for managing variations with a fastening agent that does not punish change. Magnetised on one side, a protected Tesa 4965 adhesive Part A on the reverse, this product can secure almost anything to almost anything else. In the point of sale business, from printing products, packaging materials, dispensers and graphic floor structures this characteristic is highly prized.

Permanent and removable, safe and secure, reliable and easily replaceable, magnetic strip tape is a fastening method that forgives variations. Point of sale displays are for the retail space what furniture and decorations are for the home, it’s difficult to know how the arrangement will work until the objects are in place.

Magnetised self-adhesive tape allows for adjustments during the production process, allows for adjustment to the contents of displays individual components and finally, during installation allows for a secure hold and secure release until a final position for the point of sale article has been arrived at. Throughout the production of these communications and marketing artefacts, magnetic strip tape shortens the distance between accepting the job in the first place and submitting a claim for the final payment.

Our Magnafix tape magnet with a Tesa 4965 adhesive on one side is ideal for acrylic panels or metal sheets. Magnafix with Tesa adhesive is commonly used in the creation of DIY insect screens for windows. This magnetic tape offers an excellent solution for the fixing & joining of predominantly graphic elements to either magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces for display systems and lightbox signage. The specially developed adhesives for the Magnafix range of magnetic tapes provides superior adhesion to acrylics, steel, aluminium and other hard to adhere surfaces.

Flyscreens without a frame will require extra adhesive to bond, or product will fail.

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