Magnafix Magnetic Tape Roll 30M x 12.5mm x 1.6mm | Tesa 4965 Adhesive | Part B

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Magnafix - 12.5mm x 1.6mm - 30m Roll w/Tesa 4965 Adhesive | PART B

Magnetic Product Description:

This Magnafix Magnetic Tape has a width of 12.5mm and a thickness of 1.6mm. This tape comes in a 30metres length roll. It has a Tesa 4965 adhesive on one side. 

Uses for our Magnafix Magnetic Tape:

With the assistance of modern technology like computer-directed laser cutting and modern plastic fabrication techniques, ultra-modern designs and architectural structures seem constrained only by the designer’s imagination. Think of television news broadcast sets, futuristic night clubs or luxury car or marine craft showrooms.

The age-old problem of fastening or joining, begun when Stone Age people wanted to secure the stone wedge to the tip of the spear is today often resolved with self-adhesive magnetic strip tape. For the joining of almost anything to almost anything else, this product, 12.5mm wide, 1.6mm thick and available in economical rolls of 30 meters answers the fastening question with an emphatic ‘Yes’.

Tesa adhesive 4965 Part B protected by a peel away protective backing on one side is complemented by a strong magnetized surface on the reverse, enabling the fixture to magnetized surfaces, or non-magnetised surfaces via the adhesive and allowing signs and items of different materials to be suspended where desired.

Permanent and removable, safe and secure, reliable and replaceable with a minimum material penalty to surfaces it is attached to, self-adhesive magnetic strips are a fastening method without peer.

Flyscreens without a frame will require extra adhesive to bond, or product will fail.

Modernity prefers a hidden or secret fixing system leaving us mere mortals wondering, ‘How did they do that? Magicians rarely reveal their secrets. Other questions mere mortals might ask are, ‘Where can I buy magnetic strips or magnetic tape? 

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