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Magnetic Experiments

The invisible magnetic field that exists around each magnet invokes mystery and wonder in children, inspires creativity and learning in adolescents, and is involved in our everyday lives as adults. It’s therefore no surprise that one of the most common uses for our magnetic products is experimentation and learning! Not only is the horseshoe magnet popular with schools (as they are great for learning out about magnetic fields), but so is a lot of our ferromagnetic fluid!

Ferromagnetic fluid is a liquid that becomes strongly magnetised when exposed to a magnetic field. Developed as liquid rocket fuel by a scientist in 1963, the tiny ferromagnetic particles within the liquid move it in a certain shape, demonstrating the shape of the magnetic field itself. The term ‘ferromagnetic’ refers to all kinds of matter that have an attraction to magnets. This is usually in the form of a metal, such as iron, or in this case it takes the form of the tiny particles within the liquid of the Ferromagnetic Fluid, and can be manipulated in the direction of the magnetic field. Today Ferromagnetic Fluid is mostly used mechanical engineering to reduce friction between neodymium magnets, and also in loudspeakers as a cooling method. In terms of experimentation, Ferromagnetic Fluid is used due to the impressive shape it makes when exposed to a magnet and its magnetic field, making it a great tool for teaching children how a magnetic field works!
Here at Frenergy Magnets, one of the most common questions we get regarding magnetic experiments is to do with the Halbach Array. The Halbach Array is a specific arrangement of strong neodymium magnets, designed to make the magnetic field stronger on one side and reduced on the other. At an everyday level, you can find the Halbach array used in fridge magnets, but on an industrial level the Halbach array is used in AC motors and even rocket launch systems. This array is also a great way to teach people more about magnetic fields and how they can be used and manipulated.
For more information about the Magnetic experiments, please have no hesitation to contact us here at Frenergy. The largest selection of magnets and magnetic equipment can be found here at Frenergy Magnets, check them out here!