Mini Magnetic Floor Sweeper 13"

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This compact design Floor Sweeper has a release handle so collected metal can be emptied into storage or recycling bins safely and hands-free. Pick up dangerous metal sharps or scrap with the magnetic sweeper and then pull the black release collar at the base of the telescopic handle to dispose of it. It is easy to manoeuvre around workshops, factory floors, carparks, classrooms, yards, playgrounds and any outdoor activity areas to make help make them safe and free of metal contaminants. Any hobby, occupation or manufacturing process that uses pins, staples, wire, nails, screws or clips can keep the work area clean and compliant with OH&S principles and product safety standards by using our Magnetic Sweeper to collect and remove metallic material.

They can also help separate metal from organic waste material which increases efficiency in the recycling process. Frustrating and costly punctures in vehicle and bicycle tyres can be reduced or eliminated when regular magnetic sweeping is performed in the company parking lot. Any business involving metallurgy will benefit by reducing personal injury to staff and costly damage to equipment when they invest in this lightweight Magnetic Sweeper to remove swarf material in the workplace.

- Picks up 1.5 pounds of 13mm bolts, approximately 300 pieces.

- 13" sweeping width 40" handle retracts to 27" for compact storage.

- Simply slide of the handle to quickly release collected scrap metal.

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