Magnetic Handy Handle Lifter - 45kg (100lbs)

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Powerful Handle Magnet. Lifts up to 45kg (100lbs). Lift large pieces of sheet metal easily or simply use it as a hook to organize equipment.

This Magnetic Handle Lifter is indeed handy! It’s sturdy and durable construction coupled with a powerful magnetic pull force make this lifter indispensable in many a workplace. The magnet is encased in a durable red plastic shell with easy-grip rubber handle.

Moving metal furniture such as cabinets, shelves and toolboxes is a synch with this ergonomically designed handle. No more straining to grip heavy metal items, now you can add a handle in just the right place to lift or pull your objects with ease. With a lifting pull force of up to 45kgs there really is nothing you cannot do with this handy lifter. Two pieces of magnetic shield are included to block the magnetic force for safely storing your lifter away without any unwanted items attaching to its magnetic surface.

This handle lifter is the ultimate solution when moving hefty and cumbersome sheet steel. Avoid injury and strain by simply placing this handle onto the metal sheet at a comfortable arm’s length away before lifting and maneuvering it into place. Its practical applications are manifold, even when not in active use this Magnetic Handle Lifter is functional as a hook, attach it to a metal rack or wall and hang objects up and out of the way. Or use it to quickly clean up spilled nuts and bolts and separate non-metal items.

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Holding Force (kg) 45.0000
Surface Gauss (gauss) 0.0000
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