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Magnetic Hooks, Holders and Clips

Most of our listed Magnetic Hooks, Pot Holder Magnets and Magnetic Clips are made of the highest quality Neodymium Rare Earth material and some others are of Ferrite material.

Attach documents, drawings and notes to magnetic surfaces with these magnetic hooks and clips. They are also ideal for displaying your child's artwork on the fridge or hanging up your shopping lists.

Our Magnetic hooks also ideal for organising keys, kitchen utensils, memos and other personal items on any magnetic surface including fridges, magnetic whiteboard and for hanging tools on metal surfaces in your work shed. You can also use our hook magnets to hang a string of LED lights.

As for our pot magnets, they come in 4 different types; countersunk hole, round hole, and with female or male threaded magnets. Choose our pot holder magnets that suit your applications and jobs such metal fabrication,shop displays, construction, education and training etc.

The multi-functionality of magnetic hooks, pot holder magnets and magnetic clips also make them highly sought after to organise your home, office, warehouse, schools and organisations.

Bulk order pricing is available. Kindly contact us for more details.