Permanent Magnetic Lifter - 300kg

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Magnetic Lifter 300kg

Magnetic Product Description:

  • This 300kg Powerful Magnetic Lifter has a length of 200mm, a width of 92mm and a 163mm height.
  • Important: this magnetic lifter is rated at 300kg against a minimum of 20mm steel. 
  • Operation is by way of turning the manual handle once on the operating surface.
  • Magnetic Lifters are a versatile, cost-effective and convenient way of loading, unloading and moving steel plates, blocks or cylinders in a safe manner.

Uses for our powerful magnetic lifters:

  • Magnetic lifters help manage the risk and cost of dragging, lifting and carrying steel fabrications of all shapes and sizes. Loved for its price, strength, and longevity, steel is very heavy and presents handling hazards. Construction, mining, agriculture, shipping, and manufacturing sectors are big users of steel. 
  • Magnetic lifters hooked up with rigging technologies like traditional chain or electrical powered block and tackle assemblies, truck-mounted hydraulic-powered cranes, demountable construction site cranes and hoists embedded in factories and workshops reduce the drama inherent in moving steel fabrications.
  • Magnetic lifters allow a single person to lift, shift and release with the devices fail safe lever, large quantities of very heavy goods from a safe distance.
  • Using magnetic lifters removes the need to encircle a load, reducing the risk of crush injuries.
  • Magnetic lifters subject the surface or crown of a steel object to brute force magnetic suction or cling, protecting the product with release at their known capacity in the event of a snag that might otherwise damage more valuable equipment.
  • Ideal for lifting in factories, docks, warehouses, and transportation or engineering workshops, and have a 3:1 safety built into each unit.
  • Another key benefit of the Magnetic Lifters is that they are fitted with the strongest magnetic materials available, Rare Earth Neodymium magnets, which will never weaken, providing durable and consistent operation.


magnetic lifters safety capability curve

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Holding Force (kg) 300.0000
Surface Gauss (gauss) 0.0000
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