Magnetic Liquid Ferrofluid EFH1 - 50mL

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Frenergy is proud to be an authorised Australian stockist of Ferrotec products, the number one ferrofluid manufacture.

Ferrofluid is a ferrous nano-particle liquid that reacts in the presence of a magnetic field. When the fluid is exposed to a magnetic field the particles align magnetically with north and south poles and display amazing shapes and designs. Once the magnetic field is removed the fluid returns to its random alignments, unable to hold a permanent, magnetically stable form.

Ferrofluid has been embraced by educators as an interactive and fun way to visually explain the effects of magnetism and the magnetic field. These fluids feature strong magnetic properties that make it easier to visualise the magnetic patterns, creating stunning displays of spikes and rivulets. A favourite of science students of all ages, Ferrofluid opens the doors to combining science and art through thought provoking experiments.

There are many industries that have incorporated Ferrofluid as a key element of manufacturing including Electronic, Mechanical, Speakers and Mechanical Engineering industries. Ferrofluid has a variety of applications, most commonly as a semiconductor or liquid seal in devices such as hydraulic machinery, hard disks and loud speakers.

DO NOT DIGEST! EFHI Ferrofluids are hydrocarbon based liquids, comparable to motor oil.

Gloves should be worn while working with these fluids. Please refer to MSDS sheet for health and safety information.

We advise the EFH series fluids are not suitable for loudspeaker repair/refurbishment, as damage to the driver unit may result.

Note: This fluid can permanently stain clothing and other material.

Handle with care. Recommended to use glass equipment for display purposes. Immiscible in water, behaves similarly to low viscosity oil.

See examples of Ferrofluid here: Ferrofluid in action

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