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Magnetic Long Strips

Here at Frenergy, our range of flexible Long Magnetic Strips are built from strong, durable and highly magnetic product, ensuring a firm and secure hold! Available in many different lengths and thicknesses, the long magnetic strips can suit any environment.


Amongst the range of different magnetic strips, we have self-adhesive options as well as one with measuring features (like a tape measure), making the products multi-purpose. The self-adhesive long magnetic strip is great for creating a magnetic area without requiring a ferrous metallic backing to stick to, adding versatility to your applications! Our range also includes an amazing Magnetic Tape Dispenser; able to hold and store the length of tape, and can easily cut the selected length of tape!


These flexible magnetic strips are frequently used for labelling stock in warehouses and office spaces, in promotional displays, and hanging banners, posters and printed documents. This flexible rubber material can easily be cut into any length with scissors or a craft knife. This allows for you to cut the strip into any length you would like and not waste any of the material. They have great resistance to demagnetisation and resistance to chemical agents.


Their many uses and variations ensure that you’ll find the magnetic strip that’s best for your application. Browse our Long Magnetic Strips here!