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Magnetic Office Supplies

Frenergy Magnets is a leading supplier of permanent Rare Earth magnets in Australia. We supply a variety of powerful permanent magnets and magnetic products. Most of the products within this Magnetic Office Supplies category contain strong Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets.


Use our Push Pin magnets to hold documents, recipes, and receipts securely onto your fridge or to hang invoices, notices, and memos onto your filing cabinet or meeting board. These colourful thumb Pin Magnets will make your meeting room, office or kitchen more playful and fun!


Our Magnetic Sheets can be used as your portable mini whiteboard, they're completing writable - write recipes or notes using a whiteboard marker and reuse the sheet over and over again. We also stock a range of Magnetic Sheeting with a self-adhesive back, enabling you to adhere photos on it or simply use it as a magnetic backing on invitations or Christmas cards.


Frenergy Magnets also supply strong name-tag badge magnets - forget about piercing a hole through clothing with a safety pin, simply place one side inside your shirt and the other side will magnetically adhere to the outside.


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Neodymium Push Pin Magnets - 6pk

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$6.99 $4.99
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