Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Attachment - Lifts Up To 65lbs

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This magnetic attachment converts your everyday broom or mop into a magnetic pickup tool. It has a standard threaded collar that attaches the adjustable round magnetic head to most broom handles. The design saves space in your workshop or vehicle and the magnetic head is perfect for removing metal offcuts of steel reinforcement mesh or tie-wire from hard to access formwork areas before a reinforced concrete slab is poured.

Unretrieved steel pieces will eventually oxidise and leech into the concrete surface making it unsightly and likely to deteriorate at a faster rate. This Handle Magnet also allows you to retrieve lost or submerged tools and equipment from ventilation shafts, water-filled recesses, ditches and drains with ease. The swivelling head is adjustable through 180° to suit different sites and applications.

- Attach an acme-threaded standard broom handle to this pre-threaded magnetic base.

- Use the wing nut to adjust the handle angle to desired position.

- Reach tools, nuts, bolts and other ferrous metal items with ease.

- Permanent magnetism guaranteed.

- Part No. FM-07508 -Lifts up to 65 pounds

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