Magnetic Separator Filter Bar D25mm x 100mm | M6 Thread | 10K Gauss

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Separator Bar Tube Magnets 25mm x 100mm (M6 Thread)

Magnetic Product Description:

  • These Tube Magnets have a 100mm length, a 25mm width and a 6mm thread for easy fitting and attachment.
  • Made with a strong neodymium magnet encased in stainless steel

Uses for our tube magnets:

  • Industry uses a lot of water, much of it freshwater. Coal mines use huge volumes of water to control coal dust that is known to cause horrible respiratory disease. Huge volumes of fresh water are used in many industries to cool hard-working plant and equipment that operates at very high temperatures.
  • Magnetic separator bars or tube magnets are deployed in filtration assemblies of myriad designs and sizes to recycle water for re-use in many industrial operations.
  • These water purification devices are placed in the path of water suspected of being contaminated with minerals, salts and scale (rust) prior to discharge from industrial, agricultural or commercial operations into stormwater infrastructure and natural waterways.
  • Thanks to the magic of magnetism these separator bars attract, capture and collect waste particles and metallic substances for correct disposal.
  • The use of electromagnetic technology in water filtration enables operators to withdraw the magnetic force from these devices at the flick of a switch for regular and simple collection of waste.
  • The reason people love metal products, its strength and durability or longevity, is the same reason metallic waste must be removed, often with separator bars, tube magnets and the like. 
  • One of the significant problems with metallic fragments is the creation of long-lasting blockages that can trigger a malfunction in the human body, a truck motor or a stormwater drain.
  • Drinking water and environmental flows, food, and beverage production and industrial and manufacturing processes benefit from magnetic separator bars.
  • Our 100mm separator bar magnet is ideal for collecting unwanted swarf and metal pieces.
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Surface Gauss (gauss) 10000
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