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Magnetic Sheets

Frenergy’s range of PVC Magnetic Sheets includes gloss and self-adhesive in various different sizes and thicknesses. With such a great variety of magnetic sheets available, you’re sure to find the product you’re looking for. The flexible magnetic material is great for applying on curved surfaces and the thicker the magnetic sheet is, the stronger the magnetic pull!


The PVC White Gloss Magnetic Sheeting is available in A4 and A3 size and is able to be printed on, allowing for people to create their own advertising! Simply print your logo on the magnetic sheet and apply it to a metallic surface, even a vehicle! The material is durable and easy to apply but it’s also able to be cut into any shape very easily with household scissors or a craft knife. This means that small businesses are able to print off and create their own magnetic business cards in order to cut costs! This is just one example of the many time and cost saving advantages you get when shopping online with Frenergy!


Also for sale in our extensive range are some Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheeting, available in A4 or A3 sizes and with various thicknesses. These sheets are perfect for those who need to adhere the magnetic product to a non-magnetic area. A great use for these Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheets is being able to create a whiteboard-like surface on an area that is not magnetic! The high quality of the adhesive ensures that the sheet will have a firm and secure hold on the wall hold and be able to carry the weight of various small magnetic products on the front. Great for creating a magnetic surface in the home or office without needing a metallic wall – our self-adhesive magnetic sheets add a creative dynamic to any environment!


Perfect for teaching and learning environments, these self-adhesive magnetic sheets are only limited by your imagination!