Magnetic Stud Finders are incredibly useful for locating wall studs behind gyprock sheeting and other drywall material. Anything that needs to be fixed to a gyprock wall in your home needs to be secured to the solid framework that lies hidden at regular intervals behind the wall. This includes shelving, cabinetry, artwork and electrical equipment like wall-mounted Flatscreen TV’s. Steel house frames or metal fasteners like nails and screws that bind timber framework together can be located with the Stud Finder magnet and drilled into to create a safe and sturdy attachment point.

Permanent magnets do not require batteries and provide reliable and accurate service for decades to come. Some car enthusiasts and restorers use magnets like this to identify non-metallic content in car body panels that would otherwise be invisible and detract from the value of vehicles they are interested in purchasing.

- Find hidden studs in walls.

- Use as a nail starter once the stud has been located.

- Tie a string to the eyehole for use as a plumb line.

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