Magnetic Tape 30M x 50mm x 1.25mm | Self Adhesive

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Please note: this product is to be used in conjunction with vehicle guidance systems only.

Self-adhesive Magnetic Tape Product Description:

  • This self-adhesive magnetic tape has a width of 50mm and a thickness of 1.25mm.
  • The roll comes in a length of 30 meters. 
  • Made from Strontium or Barium ferrite powder within a polymer matrix, our self-adhesive magnetic tape provides good demagnetization resistance & reasonable resistance to chemical agents.
  • It has adhesive along the South pole and is non-adhesive along the North pole.

Uses for our adhesive magnetic tape:

  • This self-adhesive magnetic tape is most commonly used in industrial applications, including installations, robotic guidance systems, and automated machinery.
  • This flexible magnet is ideal when a magnetic surface is required in your warehouse, factory, office or home, and can be cut to size using scissors or a Stanley knife.
  • It is adhesive on the South pole and non-adhesive on its North pole.
  • This tape magnet uses a high-quality adhesive on the back so you can attach it to most surfaces.
  • The adhesive side has a protective peel-away paper backing. 


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