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Frenergy Magnets offer a wide and inexpensive range of Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets to customers both in Australia and overseas, ranging in grades from N35 to N52. Our Rare Earth magnets have thousands of uses, from aiding arts and crafts, creating fridge magnets, office organising, and warehouse and industrial planning.


Our Neodymium Magnets come in a range of functional shapes, such as Blocks, Discs, Rings and Cylinders.


Permanent Rare Earth Magnets are very strong and some work in high temperature environments of up to 200 degrees Celcius. If you require a magnet compatible with high temperatures, get in touch with us via email, as most of our magnets can reach 80 degrees Celsius, unless otherwise stated.


We also manufacture custom magnets! If you require any size, grade, coating, or high temperature compatibility, email us your custom magnet requirements. Minimum order quantities apply. The strength and quality of each product has enabled repeat customers to use our products year after year.


View our full listing of Rare Earth magnets online and enjoy our free shipping Australia wide on orders over $100. We offer bulk discounts, please contact us for more information.