Neodymium Block Magnet 10x2.3x3.3mm N50 Black Epoxy

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Neodymium Block magnets with Epoxy coating overcome the corrosion problems associated with traditional Nickel based coatings. This makes them ideal for outdoor use and locations where exposure to corrosive elements occurs, including Marine, Industrial and Agricultural environments. Epoxy also increases mechanical strength to the normally brittle Neodymium material and makes the magnet more durable. However, the added cost and the air gap created by the coating make Epoxy coated magnets slightly less powerful and more expensive. Higher magnetic grades like this N50 item are used to help overcome this reduction in power. For specialised, long term use in exposed environments, Epoxy coated Neodymium magnets can provide long-lasting performance and increased durability in situations where uncoated magnets would degrade and eventually fail.

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Holding Force (kg) 0.9570
Surface Gauss (gauss) 5962.0000
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