Neodymium Block Magnet 20x20x20mm N35 ZN

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Length: 20mm
Width: 20mm
Height: 20mm
Grade: N35
Coating: Zinc (ZN)
Magnetized Direction: Through height - 20mm
Theoretical Holding Force: ~16.62 kg
Surface Gauss: 5270 Gauss

This Neodymium Block magnet has an unusual Zinc coating which makes it different from regular Neodymium magnets that are coated with a more expensive Nickel and Copper combination. When exposed to normal atmospheric conditions the Zinc becomes oxidised and creates a dull, chalky powder on the surface of the magnet. This coating protects the magnet by preventing further corrosion and can be most helpful in applications where exposure to weather is anticipated. Apart from the Zinc coating, this cube-shaped magnet has normal magnetic properties and N45 Grade strength. Cube magnets and rectangular magnets are effective for holding steel in position or for attaching paper or thin cloth materials to metal surfaces. Keeping strong rectangular Neodymium Block magnets on hand can provide simple and practical attachment options for those involved in maintenance and repair work on a daily basis. The strong, permanent Neodymium Block magnet will need to be attached to non-ferrous surfaces with a glue that can bind and overcome the dry, powdery nature of Zinc coatings.

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Holding Force (kg) 16.6200
Surface Gauss (gauss) 5270.0000
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