Neodymium Block Magnet 25.4x12.7x3.175mm N45

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Length: 25.4mm (1" in.)
Width: 12.7mm (0.5" in.)
Height: 3.175mm (0.125" in.)
Grade: N45
Coating: Nickel
Magnetized Direction:through height - 3.175mm
Theoretical Holding Force: 3.81kg
Surface Gauss: 2,229 gauss

Neodymium magnets have the most powerful magnetic fields of all magnetic materials. In many applications, the field is able to penetrate solid surfaces and interact with ferrous components on the other side. Introducing this type of magnetic coupling between steel components on either side of a water or air-tight barrier can eliminate the need for physical contact between metal surfaces and helps create a frictionless operating environment. Seals or bearings that are often needed to separate different environments become obsolete which, in turn, considerably reduces maintenance requirements and the risk of failure due to worn and leaking parts. Similar magnetic applications activity occurs in food science and pharmaceutical laboratories where liquids that are magnetically stirred from outside a vessel remain sterile and free of impurities. Slim, rectangular Neodymium magnets are suitable for holding and attaching cloth materials to metal surfaces and are used by many customers to attach protective coverings to farm machinery, sporting equipment and outdoor furniture.

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Holding Force (kg) 3.8100
Surface Gauss (gauss) 2229.0000
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