Neodymium Block Magnet 3.175x3.175x3.175mm Gold N52

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Length: 3.175mm (0.125" in.)
Width: 3.175mm (0.125" in.)
Height: 3.175mm (0.125" in.)
Grade: N52
Coating: Gold (au)
Magnetized Direction: Through height - 3.175mm
Theoretical Holding Force: ~0.9 kg
Surface Gauss: 6447 Gauss

The neodymium magnetic block has a length of 3.175mm, width of 3.175mm and a height of 3.175mm. The magnetic properties are a magnetic flux reading of 6447 Gauss and a pull force of 0.9 kilos. This means these rare earth magnets have high magnetic strength.This particular rare earth block magnet is gold coated.

Neodymium block magnets are available in a wide range of sizes and various magnetic grades. The block shaped neodymium magnets have proved to be very useful. They are used in apparatus used for metal filtration and removal, waste recycling,  sound amplification and recording. They are also used in medical magnetic resonance equipment, scientific research, electronic consumer goods and for point of sale advertising and display purposes.

Two powerful neo block magnets allow an extremely stronger adhesive force to be reached compared to smaller, lighter magnets. This leads to the development of smaller and lighter electronic products that perform more efficiently. It also leads to commercial processes that are more reliable and more accurate.

Hybrid and electric cars use neodymium magnets. Their relatively small size and strong magnetic field helps to achieve weight reduction and overall efficiency targets. Performance is also maximised using neodymium magnetic technology.

More Information
Holding Force (kg) 0.9000
Surface Gauss (gauss) 6447.0000
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