Neodymium Block Magnet 38.1x6.35x6.35mm N52

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Neodymium Block Magnets

Length: 38.1mm (1.5" in.)
Width: 6.35mm (0.25" in.)
Height: 6.35mm (0.25" in.)
Grade: N52
Coating: Nickel (Ni)
Magnetized Direction: Through height - 6.35mm
Theoretical Holding Force: ~8.822 kg
Surface Gauss: 7365 Gauss

Square and Rectangular Neodymium magnets have large flat poles that bond strongly to metal surfaces. Unlike cylindrical magnets, they do not easily fit into drilled holes in material such as timber or plastic. Metal shelving, cabinets, motor vehicles and industrial sites are all environments where steel surfaces are commonplace and can benefit from convenient and strong magnetic attachment. In the case of non-metallic materials, Neodymium Block magnets are more easily attached by applying glue to one of the large North or South pole areas Neodymium products exert extremely strong magnetic energy which means less conspicuous, smaller magnets can be used to perform the same tasks as larger, more cumbersome Ceramic magnets. This rare-earth block contains maximum strength N52 Grade Neodymium and has a corrosion-resistant Nickel coating to protect it from harsh atmospheric conditions.

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Holding Force (kg) 8.8220
Surface Gauss (gauss) 7365.0000
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