Neodymium Block Magnet 50x50x25mm N48

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Neodymium Block Magnets

Length: 50mm (1.968" in.)

Width: 50mm (1.968" in.)

Height: 25mm (0.984" in.)

Grade: N48

Coating: Nickel (Ni)

Magnetized Direction: Through height - 25mm

Theoretical Holding Force: ~127.27 kg

Surface Field

This super-strong Neodymium Block magnet has equidistant 50mm sides and a height of 25mm. Magnets of this size should be handled with extreme care to avoid personal injury.

Most square or rectangular shaped magnets are axially magnetized, or in other words, the magnetic field flows through the thickness dimension with the North and South poles appearing on the two largest surfaces. Block shape magnets with angular sides sit well inside the u-shaped channel and are not easily dislodged. This huge block magnet has industrial strength magnetic power that is capable of holding 100kg of weight. This power can be harnessed and incorporated into the design of metal separation and extraction machinery that are used throughout the recycling and material recovery industries...The exposed surface area of Block magnets is larger than the exposed area of a Disc or round shape and is more suitable to thoroughly screening large amounts of waste material and retrieving any ferrous recyclable metals...Magnets positioned near conveyor belts can intercept dangerous tramp metals and remove them from the processing line.

Large Block shaped magnets are found in DC electric motors where they convert electrical power into rotational mechanical movement and conversely in electricity generators where kinetic energy is transformed into electricity. Such is the case on a wind farm. These high energy magnets are also utilized in many areas of both fully electric and hybrid vehicles. Large Neodymium magnets have also made Medical and Scientific innovations possible and have been crucial in the development of high-tech MRI technology and many scientific research advancements...

More Information
Holding Force (kg) 127.2700
Surface Gauss (gauss) 4733.0000
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