Neodymium Block Magnet 5x3x1mm N50

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Length: 5mm (0.196" in.)
Width: 3mm (0.118" in.)
Height: 1mm (0.039" in.)
Grade: N50 (Very strong)
Coating: Nickel (Ni)
Magnetized Direction: Through height - 1mm
Theoretical Holding Force: ~0.311 kg
Surface Gauss: 6912 Gauss

These north-marked Neodymium Block Magnets have a length of 5mm, a width of 3mm and a height of 1mm. With a grade of N50, they are one of the strongest grades of magnet and have a pull force of 0.311 kilos. This neo block magnet has a weight of 2 grams.


Neodymium rectangular magnets or block magnets are super strong magnets. They take up a small amount of area but have a much more powerful magnetic field than other types of permanent magnets. Permanent magnets will provide constant and reliable magnetic hold or pressure under normal conditions. These rare earth magnets are nickel coated and, under normal atmospheric conditions, that protects the rare earth magnets from corrosion.


The neodymium rare earth magnets have a shape that makes them suited for a variety of uses. They can be placed inside electric devices including sophisticated sensors. They can also be used in many electronic products including microphones, speakers and headphone equipment. . 


More Information
Holding Force (kg) 0.3110
Surface Gauss (gauss) 6912.0000
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