Neodymium Countersunk Block Magnet 75x12x6mm D3.4/D6.4 N45

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Magnet Dimensions

Magnetic Product Description:

This Rare Earth block magnet has a length of 75mm, a width of 12mm and a height of 6mm. This magnet is N45 grade and has two countersunk holes, each with a diameter of 3.4mm to 6.4mm at an angle of 90º. Please refer to the diagram for further dimensions. This product has a pull force of 15.04kg 

Uses for our Rare Earth block magnets:

Countersunk magnets come into their own when non-ferrous materials need to be made magnetic. In locations where steel surfaces predominate, the application of countersunk Neodymium magnets to different materials like timber, plastic or alloy can be transformative to the ambiance of the environment and extremely simple to execute. Attaching the magnets with screws to softer and more aesthetically pleasing materials makes them removable and reusable. Steel fencing and safety barriers can be embellished with magnetically attached decorative or protective sheets for a promotional event, street stall or any outdoor function. In other circumstances, acrylic advertising material or important information can be magnetically applied to steel structures or scaffolding where they can be easily observed by employees or passers-by and their message comprehended and adhered to.

These strong Block magnets with a countersunk hole at each end can hold up to 15.04kg each. They can be attached to a range of materials with a countersunk screw to make it magnetic and then later removed if needed. A flat metal plate of similar size can act as a metal attraction point for locations where few metal surfaces are present or when they are not in reasonable proximity. Rebating the entire magnet into timber, MDF or similar material will make a seamless and invisible join to a metal plate or metal surface.

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Holding Force (kg) 15
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