Neodymium Cube Magnet 5x5x5mm N45

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With a holding force of 1.94kg this petite 5 x 5 x 5mm cube magnet packs an astounding power into its small form. The diminutive size of these magnets means they are amazingly adaptable, they can be used as a singular magnet or in an infinite array of different combinations to suit the dimensions needed for your application. N45 is one of the top magnetic grades, making these a superior quality magnet to that sold by many of our competitors in the same dimensions.

Rare Earth Neodymium magnets are the world’s strongest permanent magnets and are the ideal magnet if you require maximum magnetic strength. They are up to seven times stronger that Ferrite magnets and come in a huge range of sizes, shapes and grades. Rare Earth magnets are magnetically stable and have a strong resistance to demagnetization however they are not suitable for use in high temperature applications.

Due to their greater strength to size ratio, Neodymium magnets have now replaced alnico and ferrites in many engineering and mechanical industries. Being smaller and lighter than traditional magnets they are ideal for applications such as, bearings, speakers and headphones, hard disks, wind turbines and electric cars to name just a few.

There have also been a range of new applications that particularly make use of the reduced size, magnetic jewelry and magnetic kids toys are two such areas.

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Holding Force (kg) 1.94
Surface Gauss (gauss) 6013
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