Neodymium Disc Magnet 10mm x 3mm N50

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Strong 2.3kg Disc Magnet D10x3 

Neodymium Disc Magnet

Diameter: 10mm

Height: 3mm

Grade: N50

Coating: Nickel (Ni)

Magnetized Direction: Through height - 3mm

Theoretical Holding Force: ~2.32 kg

Surface Gauss: 3,730 Gauss

This Neodymium Disc shaped magnet contains N50 Grade magnetic material which is one of the strongest grades available. Stronger than average grade magnets are suited to applications where space constraints create problems and make the use of a larger more powerful magnet impractical. Several disc magnets arranged with alternating poles within an assembly can make a powerful magnetic tool for holding or suspending heavy items from steel surfaces. Small disc magnets are often used inside plastic whiteboard markers and other low-tech applications where their high strength and light weight is an advantage. Since the 1980’s Neodymium discs have been instrumental in the development of sophisticated, high-tech Audio and Telephony equipment where their space-saving proportions, strength, sensitivity and accuracy enables them to convert sound vibrations into amplified electrical signals that can be transmitted or recorded for playback. Microphones and Loudspeakers use Neodymium magnet technology to produce high-fidelity, electrically amplified sound in a similar but converse operation to each other.

Disc shaped magnets attached to a surface with glue can also be very practical and versatile inclusions in handicraft projects, modelling, art and commercial advertising displays, exhibitions, outdoor markets and anywhere traditional fastening methods are inconvenient or unsuitable.

Frenergy has a comprehensive range of powerful Neodymium disc magnets in various diameters, pole orientations and grades that are able to suit nearly every application.

More Information
Holding Force (kg) 2.3200
Surface Gauss (gauss) 3730.0000
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