Neodymium Disc Magnet 4mm x 1mm N45 GOLD

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Craft Magnets Neodymium Disc Magnet 4mm x 1mm N45 GOLD Axially

Neodymium Disc Magnets

Diameter: 4mm

Height: 1mm

Grade: N45

Coating: Gold

Magnetisation direction: Axially

Pulling force: 0.172kg

Surface Gauss: 3,062 gauss

Gold-coated Neodymium magnets have applications in jewellery making, fashion design and even magnetic health therapy where the inert nature of Gold is thought to be less likely to cause allergic reactions or be rejected by the body. Some customers find magnetic therapy can increase blood flow and speed the up healing of muscular injuries but there is no science-based evidence to support this suggestion. For artistic and fashion purposes the gold colour gives items an attractive, less industrial appearance than the standard silvery coatings and can provide a unique alternative to standard jewellery clasps and hooks. Thin Gold surface coatings on permanent magnets also offer a degree of protection against corrosive atmospheres such as salt air and humidity which over time can have a detrimental effect on regular nickel-coated Neodymium products. Although this small, thin magnet is only 4mm in diameter and 1mm thick it has the power to hold weights over150gms which is easily enough to secure bracelets and necklaces.

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Holding Force (kg) 0.172
Surface Gauss (gauss) 3062
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