Neodymium Disc Magnet 9mm x 1mm N50

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Strong small thin craft disc magnets | Holding Force: ~0.589kgs

Neodymium Disc Magnet

Diameter: 9mm

Height: 1mm

Grade: N50

Coating: Nickel (Ni)

Magnetized Direction: Through height - 1mm

Theoretical Holding Force: ~0.589kgs

Surface Gauss: 1,573 gauss

The Neodymium rare earth magnet is a powerful magnet with a diameter of 9mm, a height of 1mm and an N50 Grade. It has a magnetic flux reading of 1573 Gauss and an amazing pull force of 0.589 kilos which makes it extremely strong.

The Neodymium magnets have super strong magnetic strength compared to other types of permanent magnetic material. They are used in many commercial designs.

Neodymium Disc magnets offer low height dimensions and relatively large magnetic pole surface areas. This makes the disc suitable for concealment inside thin electronic devices and hi-tech communications equipment.

Neodymium magnets are also light in weight and because of this, are utilised throughout industries where weight to power ratios are extremely important. Examples of industries that use this type of magnet are Aviation, Aerospace, Robotics and the Military.

This rare earth disc magnet is more costly but its size and weight reductions, as well as its reliability and the fact that it is heavy duty, make it worth it.

More Information
Holding Force (kg) 0.5890
Surface Gauss (gauss) 1573.0000
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