Neodymium Magnet Fishing - D25mm (22kg) | Recovery Magnet

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Magnetic hook with M5 eyebolt 

pull force: 22kg

Diameter: 25mm

Magnetic fishing in dams, creeks, rivers and ponds has become a fast growing worldwide trend that can be enjoyed by just about anyone of any age. The popularity of Magnetic Fishing can largely be attributed to social media video that depicts unusual and sometimes valuable items being retrieved from innocuous looking local waterways. In a similar vein to the pastime of metal detecting, magnetic fishing enthusiasts are attracted to the mystery and uncertainty of what valuables may be revealed from below the surface, and this evokes degree of excitement and anticipation.

Fishing magnets are basically strong Female Thread Neodymium Pot Magnets that have been adapted to become retrieval tools via the addition of a removable eyelet. Add a cable or rope to the eyelet to create a magnetic fishing device that can be used to drag public or private water resources in search of Ferrous metal that may be valuable or, at the very least, recyclable. Clean, sustainable natural environments benefit the whole community and making magnetic fishing your pleasant outdoor pastime can be both rewarding and satisfying. Frenergy has Fishing magnets in stock that come in various strengths and configurations to suit any metal recovery task. This 25mm wide, steel capped disc and a rope can get you started with not much outlay. It can hold up to 22kg in ideal conditions but this capacity diminishes quickly in underwater environments and its retrieval ability decreases further as the depth increases.

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Holding Force (kg) 22
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