Neodymium Magnet Fishing- D136mm (600kg) | Double Sided Magnetised

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600KG Strong Recovery Magnet Hook For Sea Fishing Diving Treasure Hunting 

Round shaped pot magnets are suitable for fishing or metal or ferrous items retrieval.

Magnetic Fishing comes with removable, heavy-duty 304 stainless steel M12 Eyebolt fixing. The eyebolt's shape allows for ropes and cables to be attached to the magnet with ease, making it a strong and efficient performer in lifting, holding and retrieval applications. Ideal for magnet fishing too if you already have a rope.

Strong Recovery Magnet Hook For Sea Fishing Diving Treasure Hunting

Each magnet can support up to 600kg vertically from the magnetic face when in flush contact with a mild steel surface of equal thickness.

Steel cap protects magnets from chipping and break due to impact.


Magnet only attracts iron and iron alloy, nickel and nickel alloy. Magnet does not attract gold, silver, copper, aluminium or Stainless Steel.

Magnetic force should be tested on a base of 20mm steel plate. The thinner the steel plate is, the weaker the magnetic force would be.

Most of all the magnetic force concentrate at the bottom of the fishing magnet (One side magnetic force surface), there is nearly no any magnetic force of other surface of the fishing magnet

Fishing Magnet | Magnet Fishing- D136mm x 92mm M12 (600kg) - Double Sided Magnetised

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Holding Force (kg) 600
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