Neodymium Fishing Eyelet Hook Magnet 36mm | Pull 41kg

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Threaded Eyelet Dimensions

Neodymium Pot magnets with an eyelet attachment are one of the most versatile magnetic products in the extensive Frenergy range. The strong Neodymium magnet only bonds with steel which can include a steel washer or plate screwed or glued onto another non-metallic surface. Once the magnet is in position, the handy eyelet enables rope, cable or wiring to be suspended off the ground and away from hazards. Personal items can also be suspended and stored magnetically in safe, convenient locations that are easily accessed when needed.
Eyelet equipped magnets have become popular with those who wish to practise the relatively new pastime of Magnetic Fishing. This hobby involves dragging a Pot magnet with a rope attached through watery urban environments such as rivers, canals and lakes with the intention of retrieving discarded metal objects, hopefully of either historical significance or monetary value. The activities of these magnetic treasure hunters and fossickers can be readily viewed on the internet.

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Holding Force (kg) 41
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