Neodymium Fishing Eyelet Hook Magnet 60mm | Pull 113kg

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Threaded Eyelet Dimensions

 Shipwrights, Military engineers and Mining operations of all kinds find these large Pot Magnets a valuable tool in keeping their businesses efficient and profitable. The attached eyelet transforms the magnet into a highly functional tool that can help prevent accidents and improve safety levels in the workplace. Pot magnets are designed for both strength and durability at a level not found in standard Neodymium products. This is largely due to the protective nature of the steel cap that shields the fragile magnet from bumps and knocks, while also having a magnifying effect on the magnetic field which is emitted predominantly from the uncapped base of the magnet. Reliable, predictable and permanent performance are the qualities that make this type of magnet preferable in industrial and commercial settings. Their ability to operate in remote, unpowered locations or “off the grid” is also highly valued by mine managers and engineers in the armed forces. Keeping hoses, ropes, cables, and other equipment in the correct position and in an organised fashion is often crucial to the effectiveness and success of many large-scale operations. 

In recent times large Pot magnets with eyelet attachments have been fitted with ropes and used by underwater fossickers to retrieve metal valuables or lost equipment from rivers, ponds or the seabed. The use of these Eyelet magnets as a retrieval tool has proved to be very effective.

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Holding Force (kg) 113
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