Neodymium Magnet Fishing - D48mm (81kg) | Recovery Magnet

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Neodymium Pot magnet with steel cover and eyelet. Contains a 48mm diameter magnet producing maximum 81kg holding potential. Eyelet has 20.3mm inside diameter. Eyelet has M8 thread.

These types of Pot style Neodymium magnets have enhanced holding strength due to the steel casing that acts to redirect magnetic power downwards to the base. This means magnetic holding capacity is significantly increased without increasing the size of the magnet and as a result, these Pot type disc magnets make excellent multi-purpose tools with both workplace and recreational applications. A rope can be attached to the eyelet to convert the magnet into a metal recovery tool or the magnet can be attached to steel structures in order to magnetically hang cables or rope in a safer and more organised manner that helps keep workplaces OH & S regulation compliant.
Magnetic "fishing” is a somewhat new pastime that is experiencing increased popularity with our customers. Magnets like this strong Neodymium disc are used to drag the bottom of public or privately-owned waterways in the hope of retrieving interesting or valuable items. A welcome side benefit to this exciting outdoor activity is the retrieval of discarded metal litter and dumped metal waste materials that contaminate and pollute the natural environment. These strong and versatile magnets mean a great deal of waterway remediation can be undertaken for a relatively small outlay.

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Holding Force (kg) 81
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