Neodymium Magnetic Tape - 1M x 12.5mm x 1.5mm | 3M Adhesive

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Neodymium Magnetic Strip - 1metre x 12.5mm x 1.5mm | 3M Adhesive Tape

Magnetic Product Description:

  • Made from Neodymium powder within a polymer matrix, this Magnet Strip is the strongest of our flexible magnetic tapes.
  • This Rare Earth Magnetic Strip has a width of 12.5mm, a thickness of 1.5mm and a length of 1metre. 
  • This product is ideal for use where Ferrite tapes lack enough magnetic strength.
  • Typical uses are for securing and displaying banners, signage and heavy items (It has a pull force of 450 g/cm²).
  • In these circumstances, a glue like Selleys Kwik Grip will need to be applied as the 3M 9448 adhesive isn't strong enough for weighted objects.

Uses for our Rare Earth Magnetic Strips:

  • Attaching favourite artworks, photographs and sporting memorabilia and the like to walls and other vertical surfaces often improve the amenity of a room. Whether in the workplace, home or school or hospital, these decorative items can give ongoing comfort and inspiration to people who occupy these spaces.
  • Magnetic strips can provide mighty holding force for many of these tasks, and offers significant advantages over more common fixing methods. (Consider too, self-adhesive magnetic sheeting that can be easily cut to suit).
  • Magnetic strips or self-adhesive magnetic sheets adhere to different surfaces with the aid of a metal plate affixed to the back of items, without breaching or penetrating the walls painted surface.
  • This capability of magnets over nails, screws and some other adhesives makes it easier to move the items to a different position on the wall reducing the need to repair the damage created by a penetrative fixing.
  • Repairs needed to fix screws, nails or hooks can require the entire wall be repainted thanks to the difficulty of matching paint colours.
  • A variety of magnetic products are readily available for the purpose of fixing, holding, releasing and repositioning of these wall hangings.
  • Many magnetic products, including magnetic strips, can be suitable for attaching items to vertical surfaces cleanly and safely to a wide variety of surfaces types and materials.
  • It is also possible to attach a small metal plate to the ceiling by fixing into a ceiling joist or ceiling baton.
  • A strong, small pot hook magnet locked on to the plate provides a hanging point that excludes fixing onto or into walls altogether.
  • Should repair be later required, a small ceiling patch is more difficult to detect than a patch on a wall.
  • Ceilings too are often white, the simplest of paint colours to match.
  • For professionals requiring damage-free, hidden or secret fixing solutions for attaching the artwork to walls, for the home handy person, for school projects, these simple and safe to use magnetic strips help turn a good job into a great one.
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Holding Force (kg) 450 g/cm²
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