Neodymium Ring Magnet OD6 x H3 x ID3 mm N52

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Ring-shaped magnet made with premium N52 Grade Neodymium. The small round magnet has a diameter of 6mm and height of 3mm. The central hole is also 3mm in diameter.

Neodymium magnets of all kinds provide the highest level of magnetic attachment available. This is due to the intensely powerful rare-earth material contained beneath the nickel-coated surface. The N52 Grade rare-earth material found inside this Ring Magnet is the strongest grade available in the Frenergy stock range of magnets. Neodymium materials that are manufactured into a Ring-shaped magnet have distinct advantages over other magnetic shapes and this makes them one of the most commonly purchased magnetic products in the entire Frenergy range.
The central void of the Ring is often used as a simple and convenient way of attaching the magnet to non-ferrous surfaces that other magnets would not bond with. Wire or plastic cable can be used to attach the magnet to practically any surface, instantly transforming them into magnetically compatible material. A Neodymium Ring magnet attached with wire to a wooden gate for instance, allows the gate to bind with a Colourbond fence. It can then be held in the open position as needed. Neodymium Ring magnets are also ideal for use in industrial applications where the void helps to locate the ring in the correct position on plastic lugs or shafts which are typically made from non-ferrous materials like fibreglass, plastic or carbon fibre. Neodymium Ring magnets that can provide excellent holding power from small, compact magnet sizes have increasingly become an important component in modern consumer products where they create higher levels of capacity and efficiency.

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