Rubber Coated Pot Magnet with Handle 43mm x 60mm M3

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This practical magnetic tool can attach to steel surfaces and, unlike other Neodymium type magnets, is easy to remove by using the handle for leverage. Holding and assembling metal components can be achieved without scratching the paintwork or damaging recently applied powder coatings. Vehicle panel shops, vehicle signwriters, metal fabricators and business that use sheet metal find that magnetic tools with handles make their workplace safer and more efficient. Two of the rubber-coated magnets will easily bond with each other through a glass windowpane without damaging the glass. Rubber coated magnets also have beneficial anti-slip and anti-corrosion properties. This product can also be used as a practical magnetic clean-up tool for workshops and home hobbyists that use pins, nails, staples or rivets to assemble their creations. Magnets with handles are easy to apply and remove quickly which makes them ideal for temporary magnetic holding requirements and for suspending and hanging equipment from painted steel surfaces or framework.

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Holding Force (kg) 9
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