Neodymium Fishing Eyelet Hook Magnet 16mm | Pull 5.5kg

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Threaded Eyelet Dimensions


This small Pot magnet contains a Neodymium disc that is capped with a steel casing. Pot magnets are designed to hold or suspend objects from steel. The steel capping over the disc-shaped magnet increases magnetic power at the base and allows them to hold heavier weights than would otherwise be possible. The removable eyelet can be used to suspend rope, hose or cable from steel shelving, framework or machinery. When a rope is attached to the eyelet, the magnet can convert to a handy retrieval tool than can recover lost metal equipment or steel debris from crevices and voids on worksites or other hard to access areas, including water-filled spaces. Removing the eyelet allows the magnet to be bolted to a metal frame or piece of timber that can then attach to steel surfaces. Pot magnets and their various attachment options can bridge the adhesion gap between steel and non-metallic materials. Tradespersons, maintenance workers and those working in agricultural environments find countless applications for these practical eyelet magnets.

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Holding Force (kg) 5.5
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