Neodymium Male & Female Threaded Pot Magnet Assembled Set - 25mm

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Product Description:
Magnetic holders are used for attaching a variety of metal items.
The product consists of a small metal cup containing a neodymium rare earth magnet with male and female threads (unscrewable).
When fully wound up the total end to end distance is 25mm and can be unwound to a maximum of 30mm.
Just attach the magnet to the metal surface·
Organise your tools in a safe and secure manner·
Ideal for holding kitchen utensils, gardening, mechanical and handyperson tools·
Secures metal objects in place with easy removal or replacement·
Easy to install, easy to use practical magnetic product

Magnets rated holding force is when contacted directly against mild steel 3mm thick or greater.
The theoretical holding force described is for horizontal holding (based on a min 3mm thick steel surface). If you position the magnet to the vertical, you should divide the holding force amount by 3. This is due to the the influences of gravity and reduced friction.

Please note that magnetic strength will be weaker if the item you are attaching to is alloy, stainless steel, Colourbond steel, painted, oily, rusty or bumpy.
Also, if the ferrous item your attaching to is thin, the magnet will be weaker too, i.e. foil or sheet metal
If something in between the magnets and the surface your attaching to (i.e fabric), the pull strength also will be lesser.

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Holding Force (kg) 0.0000
Surface Gauss (gauss) 0.0000
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