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Rare Earth Blocks and Cubes

Frenergy Magnets is a Brisbane-based magnets company offering an extensive range of Neodymium Rare Earth magnets, including block, square, rectangle and cube shaped magnets. Most of our magnets range in grades between N35 to N52.


We supply from the tiniest 3mm size up to 100mm+ in length and from 1mm to 50mm in height. This makes our Rare Earth Block magnets highly sought after with their various sizes available from our online store. Our Block magnets are all Nickel coated unless stated otherwise. This Nickel coating gives a wear resistant silver finish to ensure the durability and long life of our magnets.


Our customers use our 20mm length small rectangle magnets to hold curtains together in their caravans, and to make magnetic closures for flyscreens. Some of our Rare Earth magnets are widely used in arts and crafts, like scrap booking, handbag closures, and school projects. We've also supplied hundreds of block magnets to Movie World, to be used in costumes and movie props. Our tiny 1mm rectangle magnets are also used in electronic medical devices such as Cochlear implants.


Our permanent Rare Earth block magnets are very strong, of which some work in very high 200+ degree Celcius environments. Most of our magnets can handle up to 80 degrees Celsius, unless otherwise stated.


We also manufacture custom magnets. Any size, any grade, any coating, or with higher temperature compatability. Contact us via email with your custom magnet requirements. Minimum orders may apply.


View our full listing of Rare Earth magnets online and enjoy our free shipping Australia wide on orders over $100!


Bulk discounts apply. Please contact us for more information.