Rectangular Rubber Coated Magnet 52x32x6mm | 2 Holes

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Inside the rectangular rubber casing of this product is a set of six Neodymium disc magnets. The magnets are arranged in such a way to provide maximum holding power. A steel rectangular cover on top of the magnets further enhances their holding ability. Rubber coated magnets are ideal where painted surfaces need protecting or when glass surfaces are present. The coating also protects the enclosed magnets from corrosive elements and exposure to the weather and renders the magnet virtually indestructible.
This powerful magnet can be screwed or bolted onto any object and make that object able to bond to steel surfaces. The two attachment holes help to keep the magnet secure and prevent it from loosening under duress. One or more magnets can be attached to outdoor lighting, decorative materials, advertising signage and especially anything related to vehicles and their accessories. Magnetic attachment is simple and fast to apply and this rubber-coated product has the added benefit of having little or no impact on the surface it attaches to. Magnetic attachment also makes items easy to remove when required. Frenergy has an extensive range of rubber-coated Neodymium products with male and female threaded attachment points and in various sizes.

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Holding Force (kg) 6.5
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